hi friends,
i want to make software in C#.net (new user of C#.net), on "Clothes shop for men".
Can anyone suggest some help.

First of all you create database. In database create tables,like-user details,item(clothes) details such as item id,name,quantity,availability etc,purchase details etc. Always remember relationship (ER DIAGRAM) is important. After database create front end.
You can search online shoping ER DIAGRAM. This is useful for u.

also you want to download the C# express edition (since it is free) here:

then you want to design a nice looking GUI just imagine functionality of your project.

and then you can get under the hood and start working, there are plenty of code tutorials to connect to your database which you design as ashishkumar008 suggests. but first you want to read something about relational databases.

yes i know relational database. I would surely follow this....
I would be glad to receive some more help from you.
plz suggest any important thing you know.....

Before commencing the journey to develop a project you must have a decent understanding of the .net framework, C# language and other technologies. So I'd rather suggest you dig deep into your mind to find concepts/ideas that you really find your natural interest in.

Please follow the advise of adatapost :)
Don't start to run, before you can walk.

ok ok.
Thanks for the helpfull advice. ^_^

Please stop giving links to source code!
It totally fails the use of a discussion forum.
I do not think prayag would be so stupid not have google-d stuff already >.>

I agree with Hyperion.
This is us getting no where. I assume everyone of us is so inteligent these days, that can use "The google wonder" to find the code, which would make his life easier.
We are here to help ppl with their own specific issues, and I am willing to help them with my best efforts. I expect the same from all of you who are answering here.
What concers the thread creator, prayag.419:
If you want some help from us, please give us some more info about your project. Maybe some of the code where you have issues, or at least explain precisly what would you like to do, in case if you have nothing to give us. We cannot only assume what would you like, ok?

So please show us some good will.


commented: Good advice +8

ya sure guys....
i also dont want the ready made project, i want to develop it myself.
i have not started it yet, but i make sure that any doubt retgarding to the code will be discused by me over here.