Hey everyone. I have an interesting perl idea, and am wondering if it's been done.

I would like to have a page on my website, where someone could go in and chat with me. I wouldl like it so that, a person (that I have given a user name and password to) could click a link that would bring them to a chat room, and wait for me to log on. As soon as they click that link, I would like the script to send a notification email to me (to two different addresses) to notify me that someone is waiting to chat with me, and put a link in the email that will bring me to the chat page to chat with them.

Basically, I would like a way for some people to get ahold of me if they have access to a computer. It would send an email to my phone and my gmail address, and if I'm near a computer I would get the notice, and get on with them.

And maybe as a bonus. If I don't answer the link in 5 minutes, it could maybe send them a message saying to try later, as I'm not in the vicinity of a computer. Or maybe even send them a little chat via my phone?

Ok, I'm going a little far, but any ideas?


Yes. I found a few free chat clients that seem nice, but still nothing with notification features I'm looking for.

It will be running on a Linux system with all the latest server scripting apps installed, PHP PERL, etc...

SO did u actually do something :? please share i also need it )

Considering the thread is more than 3 years old your chances of a reply are slim.

SO did u actually do something :? please share i also need it )

Check the dates before posting and better do some research too, since this thread is more than years old chances are that such a system might be in place at several places and you might also get help freely on it. No need to bring to life a three year old thread for that.

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