Hello friends.
In my project I need to know if some one is online or offline.
and other problem is that some one are online but are invisible.
At all how I can find the users state?
for example users of yahoo or google.
I realy know nothing about this works.
Introduce me module, book or anything which can help me.

Thanks alot.

You need the API of the client eg. Yahoo or msn or google then you ceck if there is python wrapper to that.

Start looking into the API of the client and google around for any python module to start from there

Sorry dear.
It maybe to explain more or introduce me a direct source?

just google around friend..... Just type the client you want work withfor python module.

I did but realy culden't find any suitable source.
what is your exact keyword to search?

Can you tell me the name of the client you want to write your python script to hook with?

eg. yahoo,msn,skype etc..... what is the name?