Does anyone have a meaningfull example of the use of the Profiler included in Python?

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I was looking for a halfway decent example code, but when you also asked for list comprehension, a light went up, and I combined the two questions:

# using the module profile to profile a function or a statement

import profile


def evenList1():
    """returns a list of even numbers from 0 to 99998 using append in a loop
    the 50000 calls to append() consume much CPU time
    L1 = []
    for x in range(100000):
        if x % 2 == 0:
    return L1

def evenList2():
    """returns a list of even numbers from 0 to 99998 using list comprehension
    much faster in CPU time than the standard loop with append()
    L2 = [x for x in range(100000) if x % 2 == 0]
    return L2

# test first 30 elements
print evenList1()[0:30]
print evenList2()[0:30]

print "Profile of evenList1(), check the time consumed by the many append() calls:"
print "(ignore time consumed by the profiler itself)\n"'evenList1()')

print "Profile of evenList2():"
print "(ignore time consumed by the profiler itself)\n"'evenList2()')

I hope this will show you how to use the Python profile module and give you some insight into list comprehension.

It works and gives much information, thank you muchly!

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