hello guys....I have a program which is a GUI.
- When I RUN the program and do some testing; it is good and nothing happens.
- But on the same RUN, when I do some testing, it crashes.

Every time I run the program, I find the same results. So I have come to the conclusion that
- I should create some kind of object of the application
- Each time I do tesing on the same RUN, it should create the object
- When I am done with testing on the same RUN; the object should be destroyed.

Is this the right solutoin? If yes then how can I do that? I mean what functions can I use to achieve this?

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If you have a program that's just a GUI then it shouldn't do anything. Since your program is crashing on the same "run" are you testing different things (your problem is on the 2nd thing you are testing) or are you testing the same function (mostly likely you are allocating memory in the wrong place and the 2nd time it's called you are getting a conflict.)



@daviddoria....I wanted to say....
- On RUN, it is good, no problem
- On the same RUN when I do testing again (testing for the 2nd time and 3rd and so on), then it crashes.

@geogia....well im testing the same thing (function).

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