hey y'all

i just started messing with VB about 3 days ago

i just created a countdown timer.
it works as far as result goes
but here's my prob.
i created a command button, when i click on it, it shows me the correct countdown and all

how can i keep the app runnin and the screen refreshing every
second on its own.

i want it to constantly update itself in 1 sec increments without me doing anything

any help?? thanks

Hi ,

Take a look at this app. It might be helpful to you.

wow, thank you very much!!!!!

Hi ,

Take a look at this app. It might be helpful to you.

thanks for the info... i used your timer in one of the system i created, at first it was ok, but when i turn my system, the timer seems creating a delay... it stops for a while for a reason i dont know. please help me with this... thanks a lot

call the procedure timer1_timer under form_load event.

thank you so much....it helps a lot...

how about an actual time?

To use actual time; you need to use a timer with 1000 millisecond interval, if we use the variables THour, TMinute, TSecond for Alarm time then the code will be:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If Hour(Time) = THour AND Minute(Time) = TMinute AND Second(Time) = TSecond THEN 
Msgbox "Alarm!" 'or whatever you want to do 
End IF
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