Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone here has every created a Neural Network for predicting Sports results. i was interested in doing this however I'm not really sure where to start. if you have done something like this before could you just give me some feedback. also do you know of any good open sourced NN software which i can use to do this?

All help is appreciated


yea i have started to read his book actually does anyone actually know how to use encog lol. ive been looking at encog,joone and neuroph but i somehow cant find a good tutorial on how to create a predictive NN. maybe im not looking in the right place or im having a bad day :(

neural network my friend is a great science having too many aspects , i have took a neural network course and a genetic algorithm course using neural network and i think the link mentioned by ezzaral is a good point to start from , can you please explain more what is the encog so i can help .

hi Abdel encog is an open source Neural Network i have been looking for some tutorials and i have found one or two it really is an intresting topic NN can do some much. thanks for the feedback so far i will continue looking at jeffs book and his examples

Me again has anyone ever used Neural Networks for Sports prediction and does anyone have any tutorials i really wish i was taught NN at uni lol