Java Help - Need help making a program that checks if a letter appears consecutively in a string?

I need help creating a java program that returns true if a letter appears consecutively in a string like for example : the "O" in noodles

Also a program that returns the color of a background when a link is inputed? or if there is no color get the name of the image
Help with either would be great!

Additional Details
to get the background color of an inputed html return the color
example: <body text = “#FFFFFF” bgcolor = “#000000”>
return 000000 in this example
to get the image
<body background = “Computer-Background.jpg”>
return Computer-Background.jpg in this example

How would you like that packaged, and I can also submit it for you if it pleases you.

What geojia means to say, I presume, is that you seem to be asking for busy people to stop their work and do your homework for you, which isn't likely to happen. If you have a specific question about one of these problems, you might want to start a new topic and ask that question.
Better yet, if you take the time to try to solve one of those problems, and you get stuck, you're more likely to get useful help (and help you can learn from) by asking about the point where you're stuck.

I don't think anyone's going to just write that stuff for you, though. I hope not, that would be disappointing.

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