Hi Guys

I am a Computer Science student at University and am looking for some ideas on a project that I have to complete.

I have to come up with an hypothetical Software engineering problem in Java , I have to create a bad way of solving it and then create a good way using Java design patterns.

Any Ideas ??

I am finding this really hard to come up with an idea that is hard enough to get me noticed but not so hard that I cant complete it,.

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If you have no ideas that is bad. It means you have no interests/hobbies, have no work and have life. There is just somebody who comes every morning to switch you on and the that person will switch you off in the night. Rest of day you spend in some pre-programmed mode.

Project ideas, browse forum to find thousands of threads (do not be surprised you many in which people are told of for no imagination or intentions to come up with some topics even to describe their interest, just like you)

What teachers want to see is average or interesting idea with possibly new technology that is not showed to you at school. In this case even a website with some new technology can do it as long you can well explain and document why this site with this technology is different from others. (Android, Scala, Wicket, Cloud Computing are some of the buzz words at the moment)
What teachers do not want to see is another HTML/PHP/JSP with JavaScript and some lame database connectivity.

As for me, back in the day I produced peace of application that was manipulating images and PDF. Providing various operations - converting, resizing, paginating, page counts, format counts, split/join. Even though it was Java app, I did use some advanced imaging and PDF libraries and provided unique application

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first try to explain in detail
other wise if its java and software engineering
then you have to put in mind object oriented design . how to use objects. the main thing is reuse of object components . a good implementations clearly separates functionality from the main flame work in that its easy to change
a bad implementation every thing is with in so . i think thats the main idea they are looking for and what every the project you develop if you show that bang! you have it in your hands

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