hi everyone

i am working on internet banking project.

I have an little idea about the project what are the functionality to implement and I am not perfect in web technologies. But I'll work hard on this project.

My major problem is I am not getting where to start it and how to start.
Please anyone advise me regarding this.

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Hopefully not a real project. If so send me the site name that I know never to use it.

If this is a school assignment, then, before becoming this "project" you would have been taught the things you need to know, and would be expected to research and be creative to come up with the rest. So, lets see what you have.


My major problem is I am not getting where to start it and how to start.

You failed to mention if it is GUI or web service or mobile application. Didn't mentioned what sort of functionality you expect and many other things...


tanx for replies

It is a web-based portal disign having the functionality

listing all accounts of a person that he has with a bank at various branches
balance enquiry
chequebook request
funds transfer (transfer of money between his own accounts)
third party transfer
taking demand drafts
mobile notifications

this is a real project provided by IBM The Great Mind Challenge - 2010


That is then not a real project (there is no bank behind it), it is a "contest". Still, if you need to ask the question you're asking you don't have a chance. Besides, it "sounds" as though you want someone to write it for you since I haven't noticed any kind of effort at all, yet, in which case what are you getting from this "challenge"? Nothing.

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