Hi friends,

I am doing Bachelor's Course In Computer Science Engineering. Recently I recently completed my course on Application Development and Database Management. Coincidentally a few days ago I was asked by my friend to do a simple software for managing his store.

So, i thought I got an opportunity to try what I learned from Textbooks in real life.

I just drop by here to get others views on feasibility of implementing this software in Java and Swing Interface. I will also be needing database back-end. And I plan to use MySQL for the same.

Hope the experienced folks here could give me some valuable suggestions regarding whether to go forward with my idea or is there any drawbacks in doing this in java.


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Java/Swing/MySQL is perfectly good and normal way to implement this kind of app if you need custom GUI screens. If it's just data entry/update/reports etc then Java may be overkill, and a simple database front-end scripting-type tool may give you a working solution for a fraction of the effort.

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