Hi all, my problem is that i want to block my main frame when i call a JDialog! i try several things but cant! I use this to call the JDialog

public void showAboutBox() {
        if (info == null) {
            info = new Informacion(this);//call my jDialog

but i need to block the main frame until the user close the dialog !
any help?

By saying you want to 'block it' do you mean you want to disable all the buttons, textboxes etc in your mainFrame or do you just want to make it invisible?

what i mean is that, if the user click the mainframe dont let him to use anything , only the jdialog until he close that window!

i finally made it! after 5 hours -.-! the constructor of the jDialog has to be like this

public NewJDialog(JFrame frame, boolean modal) {
        super(frame, modal);

what i needed was the boolean parameter! but i dont get why!

Oh okay, well there you tuaght me something as well. Well done!
PS - Easy on the exclamation marks!