I have this rather stupid litle excel issue which somehow just doesn't go away by itself;
I'm creating a excel chart from three rows of information data. Each row has a header, so far so good. The first row exixt of calender data and I planned it to use them as my x-axis labeling. But somehow excel uses them as variables and changes them in to a third bar. Which is not what I had in mind when copied this litle piece of code.

The code looks like this:

Dim chartPage As Excel.Chart
        Dim xlCharts As Excel.ChartObjects
        Dim myChart As Excel.ChartObject
        Dim chartRange As Excel.Range

        xlCharts = oSheet.ChartObjects
        myChart = xlCharts.Add(10, 80, 300, 250)
        chartPage = myChart.Chart
        chartRange = oSheet.Range("M3", "O10")
        chartPage.ChartType = Excel.XlChartType.xlColumnClustered

Can someone give me a hand please, cause MSDN is giving me a splitting headache but no answer. :(
Probably I'm missing something very obvious.

*Blush* I'm starting to feel realy stupid; I've changed my code a litle bit so only the cells populated with data are selected. After that my problem was fixed *Blush*

Sorry for bothering.