I am trying to run this program in python 2.7. But get an error Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:/Python27/Rpg1.py", line 95, in <module>
    p = Player()
  File "C:/Python27/Rpg1.py", line 25, in __init__
AttributeError: class Character has no attribute '__init__'

When run this pragram can someone help me out, I am new to python and do not understand it fully yet.... Thanks

from random import randint
class Character:
   class Character:
      def __init__(self):
         self.name =""
         self.health = 1
         self.health_max = 1
         def do_damage(self, enemy):
            damage = min(
                       max(randint(0, self.health) - randint(0, enemy.health), 0),
            enemy.health = enemy.health - damage
            if damage == 0: print "%s evades %s's attack." % (enemy.name, self.name)
            else: print "%s hurts %s!" % (self.name, enemy.name)
            return enemy.health <= 0

class Enemy(Character):
  def __init__(self, player):
    self.name = 'a goblin'
    self.health = randint(1, player.health)

class Player(Character):
  def __init__(self):
    self.state = 'normal'
    self.health = 10
    self.health_max = 10
  def quit(self):
    print "%s can't find the way back home, and dies of starvation.\nR.I.P." % self.name
    self.health = 0
  def help(self): print Commands.keys()
  def status(self): print "%s's health: %d/%d" % (self.name, self.health, self.health_max)
  def tired(self):
    print "%s feels tired." % self.name
    self.health = max(1, self.health - 1)
  def rest(self):
    if self.state != 'normal': print "%s can't rest now!" % self.name; self.enemy_attacks()
      print "%s rests." % self.name
      if randint(0, 1):
        self.enemy = Enemy(self)
        print "%s is rudely awakened by %s!" % (self.name, self.enemy.name)
        self.state = 'fight'
        if self.health < self.health_max:
          self.health = self.health + 1
        else: print "%s slept too much." % self.name; self.health = self.health - 1
  def explore(self):
    if self.state != 'normal':
      print "%s is too busy right now!" % self.name
      print "%s explores a twisty passage." % self.name
      if randint(0, 1):
        self.enemy = Enemy(self)
        print "%s encounters %s!" % (self.name, self.enemy.name)
        self.state = 'fight'
        if randint(0, 1): self.tired()
  def flee(self):
    if self.state != 'fight': print "%s runs in circles for a while." % self.name; self.tired()
      if randint(1, self.health + 5) > randint(1, self.enemy.health):
        print "%s flees from %s." % (self.name, self.enemy.name)
        self.enemy = None
        self.state = 'normal'
      else: print "%s couldn't escape from %s!" % (self.name, self.enemy.name); self.enemy_attacks()
  def attack(self):
    if self.state != 'fight': print "%s swats the air, without notable results." % self.name; self.tired()
      if self.do_damage(self.enemy):
        print "%s executes %s!" % (self.name, self.enemy.name)
        self.enemy = None
        self.state = 'normal'
        if randint(0, self.health) < 10:
          self.health = self.health + 1
          self.health_max = self.health_max + 1
          print "%s feels stronger!" % self.name
      else: self.enemy_attacks()
  def enemy_attacks(self):
    if self.enemy.do_damage(self): print "%s was slaughtered by %s!!!\nR.I.P." %(self.name, self.enemy.name)

Commands = {
  'quit': Player.quit,
  'help': Player.help,
  'status': Player.status,
  'rest': Player.rest,
  'explore': Player.explore,
  'flee': Player.flee,
  'attack': Player.attack,

p = Player()
p.name = raw_input("What is your character's name? ")
print "(type help to get a list of actions)\n"
print "%s enters a dark cave, searching for adventure." % p.name

while(p.health > 0):
  line = raw_input("> ")
  args = line.split()
  if len(args) > 0:
    commandFound = False
    for c in Commands.keys():
      if args[0] == c[:len(args[0])]:
        commandFound = True
    if not commandFound:
      print "%s doesn't understand the suggestion." % p.name[[/ICODE]

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Character seems to be inside class ie namespace. So you must use Character.Character instead of only Character if you use the class from outside of the namespace.

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