I can't seem to remember what it's called, nor can I articulate a concise explanation to even begin searching the net. (I tried) Does anyone know what that list of Icons like my computer/mydocuments ect that appear to the left in windows XP open and save dialog boxes? I know that it can be edited. Visual Studio on xp does it for its own dialogs. and I seem to remember that you can globally edit it too.

Does anyone remember its name, or even better know any good links to modifying it in C#. Ultimately what I would like to do is have my application set a directory to that shortcut bar globally in XP and to the treeview favorites in vista and 7 So that when you are working in other applications that use the standard open/save dialogs that it's easy to find the project directory you are working in.

Ideas?, comments? links? the proper name of those icons would be nice too.

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that was close enough for me to search and find the answer. Many people call it the sidebar, but its actually called the "Places bar" Thanks Danny.

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Apparently there are properties build into the open and save file dialog boxes for doing this.

// Add Pictures custom place using GUID.

    // Add Links custom place using GUID
        new FileDialogCustomPlace(
        new Guid("BFB9D5E0-C6A9-404C-B2B2-AE6DB6AF4968")));

    // Add Windows custom place using file path.


But for a more global approach you can modify the registry.


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