Yahoo, What are You Thinking?

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OK, I'm not sure what's going on in the minds of the geniuses over at Yahoo but just today they removed the Linux/Open Source link under News/Tech is gone. Its replacement? Social Media. Thanks Yahoo. That's really clever. NOT! In the realm of things dumb, that takes second place right under iPad early adopters. But that's OK. We still have, and where we can get our news. Thanks Yahoo, you helped us.

Yes, helped us.

You've helped those who're looking for legitimate Linux/Open Source news and not just your rollups of other site's articles and postings.

But, since you, yourselves, use open source and Linux for your own infrastructure, it's odd that you would take out that major link from your Tech site. I wonder how many monthly hits you'll lose because of that? I also wonder how long it will be until you re-instate the Linux/Open Source link under Tech.

That's OK. You know where to go for the latest news and commentary on Linux and open source topics, don't you? That's right, right here on

You can do your part for the Linux/Open Source community by writing to the empty brains over at and inform them that they've made an egregious error. It's not like they couldn't add in another link to their otherwise lame Tech site. The other awesome (sarcasm) links under Tech are:

Tech Video Blog Internet Gadgets Cell Phones Apple/MacIntosh Social Media (Linux/Open Source) Video Games Security

Let's see. Are there any other loser-esque links they could have lost in favor of keeping the Linux/Open Source one?

How about Tech Video? Who cares about that? It's crap. Next.

Blog? Are you serious? Does anyone read that nonsense? No? Can it.

Internet? Really? Come on, what year is this? History.

Gadgets? OK, keep that.

Cell Phones? Oy, sheesh, <sigh>, nerdom uber stankness. OK, keep it.

Apple/MacIntosh? Yeah, gotta give them one-button freaks something to read.

Social Media? Loserdom. People with too much time on their hands.

Video Games? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, LOL, LOL, ROFL.

Security? Keep that for all the Windows users. They need it.

So, you see? There's plenty of room for a Linux/Open Source category.
Actually, there's room for a Linux category, an Open Source category and a Free Software category for those who feel that Open Source should be separate from Free Software. Yeah, that's a whole series of postings there.

Dear Yahoo:

Reinstate the Linux/Open Source category under News/Tech or else. Or else, all the Open Source and Linux nerds in the world will say, "Nee." And, we'll continue to say, "Nee" until you submit.


There, I said it.

What do you think of Yahoo's obvious faux pas of removing Linux/Open Source from their News/Tech area and replacing it with the ultra lame Social Media?

jwenting 1,889 duckman Team Colleague

There's only so much space on a frontpage, and there are far more people interested in the latest news about facebook or twitter than there are about the latest kernel patch for some obscure linux distribution.

swiftnet 0 Newbie Poster

I may be paranoid but isn't MS working closely with Yahoo now?

tzs 0 Newbie Poster

See your optometrist. "Linux/Open Source" is between "Security" and "Video Games".

snkiz 0 Newbie Poster

I stopped using yahoo two years ago. My former ISP contracted yahoo for their portal services and email. so as a result every tecinical issue I had with the portal or email was redirected at yahoo, glaciers move faster than yahoo on PAID support requests. And whats worse, they of course blamed my Linux desktop for my woes. Funny thing was, in an act of desperation I gave my yahoo password to a Y! rep (Over the phone.) and they got the same errors on a XP machine. I switched ISP's and dropped yahoo like a rock after that.

apexwm 0 Newbie Poster

I bet anything that this was because they are closely tied with Microsoft now. Luckily there are far better sources anyway. Microsoft is using every trick in the book to try and undermine and push away GNU/Linux and open source which is slowly eating away at its market share. I am waiting for them to screw up my "My Yahoo" page and remove the Linux content from there. I'm sure it will happen eventually as this Microsoft-Yahoo transition continues on. I'll probably just start using Google which is at least truly open and not tied to Microsoft.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

They've put it back! Yay! The pen, you see, is mightier than the sword. It used to be where Social Media is now. I have a screen shot to prove it wasn't there on the day I posted this. WOO HOO! May the Source be with you.

ShadyTyrant 2 Junior Poster

I may be paranoid but isn't MS working closely with Yahoo now?

Microsoft doesn't play nice with other company's. If MS is getting close to Yahoo it is most likely planing a takeover. Anyways if we all just used igoogle instead of yahoo you could get all the linux news you want.

blah111 0 Newbie Poster

As was stated in the third post, IT'S STILL THERE, PEOPLE. I just verified that it's right where he says it is.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

It wasn't there before when I posted this. Social Media replaced it. It's there now. Want to see my screenshot of it missing?

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

More info here, Thanks, Yahoo, You Did the Right Thing.

with screenshots.

asdfqwerty 0 Newbie Poster

people are still using yahoo?

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

That's what I used to ask about AOL.

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