hey guys,
im creating web service where i have one method in the web server that should be returning me string array.
the problem is when i use "design view" to add the operation(method) to the server it does not allow me to chose string array as a return type.
i am able to return any other type. i tried returning string with added brackets to the back of it to make it an array, but once i try calling this method on the client side it does not return me an array it just returns me a string. it ignores the brackets([]) that i have added.

i hope someone knows how to fix this problem.
if my explanation of my problem is unclear please ask for clearer explanation.
i will be very happy and great full for any suggestions.


Which tool are you specifically referring to here for creating web services? What kind of web service (JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS)?

thanks for you reply,
i ma not too sure about web services at all but i think i am using Jax-ws web service tool.
ps project is created in net beans.