Hello, I have purchased this software and I am wanting to upload it to make a website and the software came with instructions on how to install it and I would like to ask if you could explain to me what I need to do. Thank you for helping me out.

Here is the instructions

installation Instructions

1. Open /include/config.php


Replace with the path to your public web directory.



Replace with your domain name where you are going to install the script.



Replace with your SQL host.



Replace with your database username.



Replace with your database password.



Replace with your database name.

2. Import /sql/db.sql into your newly created database for the script.

3. Upload all files in the /upload folder to your web server's public directory.
4. CHMOD 777 the following files and directories:


5. Installation has now been completed. You may access the admin control panel via http://www.yourdomain.com/admincp/

Login: admin
Password: admin

6. The installation has now been completed.

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What exactly do you need help with ? Everything you need to do is described.

I spent time just for you to write all this. I hope it works, please reply back with your results.

  1. Obtain FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Credentials from your web host
  2. Download a FTP Client such as FileZilla
  3. Connect using the credentials your web host gave you
  4. Open a text editor like Programmers Notepad and place the following inside it:
  5. <?php echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; ?>
  6. save it as test.php
  7. Go back to your FTP Client (FileZilla) and drag test.php to the public_html folder
  8. Visit the primary domain linked with your host (the one your registered with is usually the primary). So the url would be primarydomain.com/test.php
  9. That should give you the "public web directory" you need.
  10. The domain linked to public_html will be what you replace "http://yourdomain.com" with.
  11. Go to your web hosts control panel (usually called cPanel or similar).
  12. Look for MySQL databases
  13. Create a new database - any name(confirmation page should say something like "Added the Database username_databasename")
  14. Go back to the databases page and scroll down until you see a section to add a new user.
  15. Add a new user and remember the password (confirmation page should say something like "Added user username_databaseusername with password yourpassword"
  16. Add the user to the database on the database listing page (scroll down)
  17. Give the user ALL privileges
  18. The host is usually localhost, but email your web host to find out
  19. Enter PHPMyAdmin (under MySQL Databases in cPanel)
  20. Click your database you just created (in the left database navigation)
  21. Click the import tab on top
  22. browse for the SQL file it wants you to import (/sql/db.sql)
  23. Go back to FileZilla and reconnect to your server if necessary
  24. go to the upload folder on your computer in the script you downloaded
  25. drag all that into the public_html folder on the server
  26. To CHMOD files or directories in FileZilla, right click a server file or folder (right side) and click "File Permissions..."
  27. enter 777 or whatever they want you to change them to
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