I designed a software in visual basic 6.0 and it runs perfectly on my system that has windows Xp operating system but after i deployed and packaged it and tried to install on another system using windows 7 or Vista, its installs but when you click on some of the components, it tells you, permission denied, run time error 70.

Somebody please help

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turn UAC off perhaps. allow the program to run as administrator

i dont know what you are making or using - so i cant help from a 'code' end.

but windows 7 has options to run in xp compatibility mode etc.

@jlego, i'm so grateful. I run the software as an administrator and its working well.


@styleest, have a look at a thread I have posted a few months ago HERE. It covers most of the problems with comaptibality in XP, Vista and Win 7.

Happy coding.:)

Please mark this thread as solved for us, thanks.:)

yup thanks please mark as solved

i am sorry but i have the same problem but i do not know how can i turn off UAC ,

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