I designed a software in visual basic 6.0 and it runs perfectly on my system that has windows Xp operating system but after i deployed and packaged it and tried to install on another system using windows 7 or Vista, its installs but when you click on some of the components, it tells you, permission denied, run time error 70.

Somebody please help

turn UAC off perhaps. allow the program to run as administrator

i dont know what you are making or using - so i cant help from a 'code' end.

but windows 7 has options to run in xp compatibility mode etc.

@jlego, i'm so grateful. I run the software as an administrator and its working well.


@styleest, have a look at a thread I have posted a few months ago HERE. It covers most of the problems with comaptibality in XP, Vista and Win 7.

Happy coding.:)

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yup thanks please mark as solved

i am sorry but i have the same problem but i do not know how can i turn off UAC ,