I have created a vb6 program that has 6 forms. I put the button files for all of the BMPs in a (1) Folder named ALL BMPs Form1 loads all the Forms after the the Splash screen exits. when running the vbp file every thing runs OK and the buttons load correctly to the correct forms. when I make the EXE file and run the EXE file I get a run-time error 76 Paht not found 'ALL BMPs\InpBlueClearUp.Bmp" In prior compilations this problem did not exist. Could the Make exe mod be corrupted? I have used earlier version of the program which compiled OK and the Make Exe worked OK too, but the same problem comes up even with versions of the program that worked before. In researching the problem online I found that there are a lot of programmers having the same problem.

If additional Information is needed Please let me know.

Any Help would be appreciated

What OS? Vista? 7? What is your path? Are you in/under Program Files? You may be having a problem with redirection. Also, use Option Explicit at the top of every code window, which also brings up the point of going to Tools>Options and putting a check next to Require Variable Declaration. Double check your paths, especially if you are using App.Path as it will return C:\ if you are at the root and if not it will return C:\SomePath. Thus making you need to check to see if Right(App.Path, 1) = "\" to build your paths correctly.

Good Luck

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