I am developing a POS app i need to get the text boxes values to Datagrid and the Save it to Database Please Help me Immediately.........................Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

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Why would you like to transfer data from textBoxes to DataGridView, and from there to db?

Or did you mean to dataTable, and from here to db?


For Example Invoice i need to Display all the Purchase in the Grid View the When i print all the details must save in DB


LOL - do you want us to help you?
If so, can you be a bit more precise?
Explain which values yu have in textBoxes, which one you want to pass to dgv, and least, which values you want to pass to database? And how is you database` table made of (what fields does it have)?


... etc you go buy your self a book and do some basic study on it.

damn, what kind of answer is that? String, Int and Decimals?
hmmm.... etc?
Are you kididng me?

Better start with something else then programming, becuase with such an attitude, you will hardly find any help at all.
You are done with me....


You asked me for values Presenting the Text boxes just say a method how to represent the data in the text box to Gridview

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