is there a way to use mouse wheel scroll in datagrid?

is this for DataGrid? they give only MSFlexGrid and Listbox... or maybe didn't see it.. :)

These example projects demonstrate enabling the MouseWheel for any control (multiple controls / multiple forms).

Probably did not see it as the Queen's link takes you to the second post...

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there is no example how to use it in DataGrid... could you show me how to.. thanks

The same process goes for all controls so all you need to do is apply it to your control and make any changes as necessary. So, study the code, walk through it by F8, and look for those things that specifically name a control. Like ... text1.hwnd..., it will be things like that, that you will need to change...

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i already do the changes.. but nothing happens... i tried to do the coding s like the msflexgrid.. but some of the extension of msflex didn't appear on datagrid...for example >>> in msflex... there is .toprow but in datagrid it doesn't have... did you tried it also?

anyone who knows how to apply it on datagrid?

The post by QVeen is very helpful
You should go according to it I believe

But here you have to clik on the datagrid scroll to work. it should scroll by wheel only when you bring pointer on datagrid controll