the problem that i have is when i ever create a file the Linux operating system sets the the permissions automatically so how do i remove the permissions within the program ?

If you only need support for Linux, you can try using this:

/* Creates a file named "helloworld.txt" in the current directory and sets access permissions to read-only for group */

#include <stdio.h>

#include <sys/stat.h>

char *myfile = "helloworld.txt";

char text[] = "hello";

int main()

	FILE *fp;

	fp = fopen(myfile, "w");

	fwrite(text, 1, strlen(text), fp);


	chmod(myfile, S_IRGRP);

return 0;

My code doesn't have any error checking of course, but it should provide you with the basic idea.

The thread was marked as solved but I thought I'd post this for others here who might have the same problem anyway...