Hi guys,

I've got a C#.NET background and due to circumstances I'm trying to make a plugin written in VB.NET. I've created a new class project which gives me a DLL. This class implements a C# interface which all works.

My only question is this... In my C# code I've got an implemented DLL (which loads at runtime) with the following declaration before the class...

    public class XmlPlugin<T> : IStoragePlugin<T>

My question is, How do I write [Plugin(PluginType.Storage)] in VB syntax? I've searched the web but without knowing its proper name I've had to reach out to you guys...


You could try like this:

<Plugin(PluginType.Storage)> _
    public class XmlPlugin<T> 
       inherits IStoragePlugin<T>

End Class

See if this helps

<Plugin(PluginType.Storage)> _
Public Class XmlPlugin(of Type)
Implements IStoragePlugin(of Type)

End Class

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