Hi, i need some help.
ok..im an A level computer science student and im looking for a suitable language to do my project in, last year i did the entire project in php/mysql however this year i am looking to do a smililar thing only as an executable file i have 3 questions:
1) is it possible to manipulate/create a mysql database in vb.net
2) is it suitable to use mysql in vb.net
3) if it's not a good idea what language should i be looking at to achive this.
i have had a look arround but so far all ive found is database manipulation using .MDB databases and i really dont want to have to deal with them. *rants about MS*
ill be checking back, cheers - RICH :)

I've been using MySQL with VB.net for awhile now. Basically all you need is a data provider for MySQL and you can treat it the same as you would a SQL Server database. In fact, if you design your app right it would be trivial to switch to whatever type of database you decide to use. Take a look here
for more information and to download a free data provider for use with MySQL.

Post back if you have any problems.