I am currently doing a project on remote object communication between Flex 4.1 SDK and Java using Flerry API.I need a Java program that can capture the user keystrokes while the user enter's text in the action-script text-area. i.e I need Java program that captures the keystrokes as user enters the text in a text area in action-script. I find it very inefficient to call a Java method every-time the user enters a character in the text area. Can any one suggest a solution for this?....

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If you want to capture a keystroke it will be done through an ActionListener or a KeyboardListener or an EventListener of some kind all Java methods I am afraid off


Whether you like it or not, every key press involves several method calls to send the key event to the proper object. If you don't want to send data on every key press then you can create a buffer (array) to store key strokes and only send it when the buffer is full.

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Actually i'm working on a project that deals with text to speech. I want my app to speak out every letter the user presses as a feature. The user enters text in a textarea in Flash UI. I have no other option other than callin the function from actionscript everytime the user presses a key. If i store them in a buffer, then i cannot have this feature. So i am thinking of shifting the control to java to handle the keypress event and put the text asynchronously in actionscript's text area...for this i need a keylogger type feature in java...but i recently found out that such a facility is not possible in java...Can u guys suggest a alternative for this???....

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