Hi everyone!
Just wanted to ask before i begin messing around.

Is it possible for two processes to access the parallel port simultaneously?
So that if i short circuit Input pins to output pins of the parallel port one process will provide input to another one?
I am using Windows XP and C++.
The first process is a commercial one which cannot be modified.

In my experience with serial port it was impossible to interface it when another process had the access.

Thanks in advance!

For anyone interested :
The answer is yes you can!
Using the driver provided by Inpout32 DLL found here :
Inpout32 Library Information
It's also a nice way to practice on LPT interface programing without the need for external devices such as oscilloscopes....
Just short circuit some output with some input pins and use the functions provided by Inpout32 Library to send and receive data through your parallel port.

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