I have broadband internet connection, I always shows disconnected with Red cross mark. I Changed another Ethernet card but problem is still same. Light is showing onto MB when I connected to LAN port.
Is there any virus or MB defection ?

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Is your modem/router configured to your ISP's logon details?
What modem/router do you have?
Can you access your router via http://default gateway?

Yes, My modem is configured correctly, I am using Dlink ADSL 2+ 502T modem. If I do connect with USB it works fine.


If you can connect with usb, then it means that your cable/s may be broken, or the port/s on the router may be faulty, or your network card itself. When you connect a cable from your pc network card to one of the ports on the Dlink, can you access the router gateway?

Can you see your gateway ip if you do ipconfig?

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