Nate please remind me of which thread in which i did work for people and got people to buy stuff from me. Please remind me as i don't remember the thing you are accusing me of.

Yes i sometimes do homework for people but i never did once ask anyone to buy anything from me nor solicited any mode of payment nate. I do their homework so the sake of helping them out and not to get something in return.

I do apologize for the comment about the solicitation of money from other members. It was un-called for.

However, it still burns me that homework is done for users that show little effort. It clearly goes against the goals of these forums. Which is clearly stated by the following posts:

Again, I apologize for the slanderous/derogatory comment about trying to be paid for doing others work.



Cool my thread is into its third page :cheesy: ;)

you are too late in reply....i have already finished my thanks to anyone one was really much help except for sayin we dont do hw for you....cudnt guide in anyway unless there was some code....which is of no use to anyone, if you already think of most of the code then you can pretty much figure the whole thing out...anyway thanks for the link though!!

People here are just trying to get you to do exactly what you've done, solve it yourself. We could tell you precisely whats wrong, or give you a hint so that you'll find it yourself. By noticing the errors yourself (whether simple or hard), you'll be more keen on finding them faster in the future.

cudnt guide in anyway unless there was some code

That's how we know what's been done, what could be wrong, and it'll also let us know if you're headed in the right direction or not. You're asking for our help without showing us any code? Would your teacher teach programming without showing any code?

Good job on the hw, and good luck on the hw score. And don't let this thread stop you from asking for help in the future.

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