Hello All,
I need to create a new DateTimePicker control supporting the Hijri and Hebrew calendars
I tried the DateTimePicker on "windows server 2008" and it was working very fine without any code change for Hijri and Hebrew calendars but on "windows XP" it works only with Grgorian calendar
so i need to create a new DateTimePicker that implements the following calendars
system.globalization.hijricalendar and system.globalization.hebrewcalendar
i do not know what is the best way to design and implement this item, can you please help me?

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I found this in the MSDN library for the Hijricalendar and here for the Hebrewcalendar.
Perhaps you can find some information how to solve your problems.

Hello Luc001,
Thank you very much for your reply
the links are helpful and completed a part of my design
however my main problem which i realized that i did not explain clearly is that i want to force the DateTimePicker control to use the calendar i want
for example i want it to use hebrew or Arabic regardless the system machine locale