I just want to ask a simple question.. hopefully.
I use package and deployment wizard to create my software's installer.

My software can be run by using a lot of pictures and document that because it contains millions of pictureboxes. Those pictures must be located in the same folder as .exe.

My problem is:
I can distribute my software with no problem.
But, I need to use package and deployment wizard for the main .exe.
then I need to put all the pictures and document in the .zip files, put it into the thumbdrive, and copy paste it manually into the client program.

Is there anyway that I can include everything in that setup.exe.. or something else?
so my client just need to click one button and everything is installed for them (just like any other application), instead of copy paste the pictures manually into the specific folder?

also, is it possible to create a folder outside the program files folder? since I cannot even save my document inside that folder.. Andreret knows that it is my problem :)

thanks a lot
thanks a lot.

From the bottom up -

Yes, you can create different folders on a users pc. I personally like to create my app folders on the users C:/ drive because it does not come with restrictions like program folders does. I'm sure you know how to create a folder using code.:)

You can manipulate the setup application that VB6 is using by adding code to it to read from the installation cd/drive to copy all pictures into the folder. Firstly, make a backup of the setup application though. If you stuff up, you can always just re-paste the original, otherwise your installation will be gone.

This what you were looking for?

Yup, that's what I am looking for :) thanks mate

I will play around a little bit to modify vb6 setup.. :)
Thanks a lot, I have got an idea for it. It should be manageable for me... I hope :)

Cool, thanks. Happy coding.:)