Greetings -

I'm new to JAVA.

I'm using NetBeans.

I've been going through tutorials and examples - with some frustration.

Question - when I find an example / tutorial to attempt, how do I "create" correctly the setup before I simply paste the code?

Meaning if the example has:

public class ReadXMLFile {
 public static void main(String argv[]) {

How should I name my new project in NetBeans (before I paste in)? I think this is where some of my newbie's frustration is coming from.

What are some good practices to do when creating a new project and pasting tutorials?


You can name your project whatever you like. The project type that I suggest using its empty java project for the kind of things you are doing.

Naming convention dictates that you use underscores or Camel-Case for naming files and projects.

Camel-Case example: thisIsHowYouDoCamelCase

for naming files and projects capitalize the first letter as well.

Sorry the best project for what you are doing is a java application. ( ;