I have a form that has a ton of work ongoing for around 10secs such as moving controls, resizing them, hiding some, making others visible and more importantly, mouse moving and clicking.

I don't want the user to see these ongoing stuff so I thought of making a splash screen. Is it possible to cover up the form without disturbing the mouse tasks?

I am using the code here, http://www.vb6.us/tutorials/move-mouse-api to move the mouse and click stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to programatically move the mouse? Just call the mouse click events directly with the proper parameters.

Hi Walt,

1. Its because the program is used to control and RC car with an IP cam mounted on it. The range varies so I need first to check if the browser interface of the IP cam has fully loaded before proceeding.
2. There are also lots of unnecessary black spaces in the browser control which I cover up.
3. I already have a logon screen in VB. There are several clicks to be done and menus to be passed on the browser before you are brought to the cam interface. The mouse moves and clicks will accomplish this so that the user is not forced to authorize himself twice. The browser authorization cannot be removed so I automated it.

Hope it makes sense. Thanks again.

I am not sure what it is you need here. If you say cover up. with what?

Is all the code running from your splash screen or another form?

My main form has all these runtime modifications and I want it hidden by something, maybe another form. I asked here because if I made 2 forms visible, it might affect the mouse move codes running on the first form.

Just start a new form wich will be used as your splash form. Make it the same size as the main form. FIRST load and show frm main and then frmSplash. When main form load events are done, just unload frmSplash. It will not effect anything on frmMain, because it will be running its own events.

I see. That is what I have been wondering. I will try it now and update in a while.

Okay, tried and tested. Thanks for the simple and straightforward answer.

No problem, only a pleasure.:)

Happy coding.

I have a follow up question if you don't mind. I have 3 forms namely login, main, splash. Once the user has authenticated himself, the main functions will be started and the splash screen is shown as well. My problem is that if the user moves or minimizes the splash screen, the main form is shown. I also tried setting the windowstate of the main form to minimized but another problem is that it can just be clicked on the taskbar and it will be in plain view again. How do I code this such that the main form will only be visible once certain variables are set and the splash is closed?

Currently, I am using these codes:

On the login screen:


after checking the username and password with the database

On the main screen:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Call CameraOn()
End Sub

I plan to have a timer control on the splash form with the following code

If (main.loadokay=True) Then
End If

However, this is no use if the main form can just be activated anytime or the splash screen can be moved aside or minimized.

Martin, this is a total new question. Please mark this as solved and open a new thread with the same question. It is a bit more involved, but very do-able.:)

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