Hi i'm new to VB6 and i just wanted to ask how to save the columns in a ListView to an Access DB... The format i use to save individual textbox to an Access DB is....

With adorecordset
 .Fields!Name = Text1.Text
 .Fields!Address = Text2.Text
 .Fields!Phone = Text3.Text
End WIth

I just wanted to know how to do somthing like this with a ListView..

Thank You!

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Its me again i figured out how to save a row in a ListView into an ACCESS DB its something like this...

Private Sub Command2_Click()
    With adoRecordSet
        .Fields!Name = itemToAdd.SubItems(1)
        .Fields!Address = itemToAdd.SubItems(2)
        .Fields!Phone = itemToAdd.SubItems(3)
    End With

...but this only saves the first row.... i want to save all the rows at the same time with just one click of the command button..... Hope someone could help me..... Thanks.... Maraming Salamat :mrgreen:

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