i am beginner that studying c++ i used to use codeblocks but last months i use netbeans,
studio express has bad text editor for beginners:P

all this time i am using cygwin(always failed) recently i saw on google that with mingw and msys i can compile release and run my applications,in other windows pcs without need other files.

i fixed netbeans to compile with mingw but i cant run my programs on other pcs.
can you tell me how to fix it?or at least what keywords to use at google to find instructions?

and you know how is the excitement of begginer,wants to show what he do to friends and family :P

thanks for your time.

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Probably the best IDE for C++ with MinGW is Code::Blocks. Easiest for a beginner, since it's good to go straight out of the box.


i didnt asked what is the best ide.but anyway thanks for your answer.

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