Ok. So this patch i made has been in beta testing. For some reason my C++ version does not always write the files. but it shows that it patched sucessfully......lists the correct directory where it should be writing the files. They just dont show up. The c# version works though . I dont want to start posting 1500 lines o code because that is a lot to read through. This only seems to happen with 1/20 computers....i also had them install the libraries so that the patch wouls run propery. All of the ofstreams are being closed as well. Does anyone have abny ideas why this may not be working? Ty

Might be a permissions problem. Does your program check the success of opening the files, such as with stream.is_open() ?

I think u r right on the permission problem, i check to make sure the files exist, i am not sure i was checking to see that they opened. When i was remote accessing someones computer the C# version had the permission shield, mine did not.

I will post back with update info after i look into it.