Hi All,

I really need some help.

I have been asked to write a search screen for a rooms booking application.

I have kept the design nice and simple so all the user has to do is enter the dates they want to book a room for and the results are shown in a datagrid view, if no rooms are available for that date a message is shown.

I have absolutly no idea where to start with the code.

I have written the code for the connection to the sql database, but this is as far as I get, everything I have tried so far just hasn't worked.

Has anyone got any simple search program examples they could show me to help me understand what I need to write for my search screen.

I have been at this weeks, any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much


When the user click on the button to search you must:
1) Open a connection to the database, if not already open. (you already written some piece of code on that)
2) Create a SELECT command to search the free dates. That will depend on your database design, if you already have one.
3) fill a datatable with the answers from the slect command usind a data adapter
4) bind the datatable to a grid or list view to show the results.

Hope this helps

Hi lolafuertes,

Sorry I thaught I marked this one as solved, thanks for the reply though.