hi im covinus im new here. I was looking for a community that can help me learn perl through my own efforts. thats why i found this community..

i want to learn perl!!

i cant afford to go to school and learn pearl so i just bought a cheap book for me to learn. its and old sybex book. The problem with this book is that It doesnt give problems for me to work on it. so is it ok if I ask you people to give me the homework???

i will give you the topics i have covered..

i hope someone can help me here

thanks in advance

Sure. I'd be glad to help.


thanks again

I've learned a number of languages by taking utilities and programs and writing them in the language I want to learn. So, take a basic problem of getting user input, opening and modifying text files, finding strings, getting arguments, etc. In other words, look at programs and utilities that you use and try to replicate them.

So the first things I learn is how to get input from both standard input and from a file, store input, output to a file and to screen, and how to handle parameters.

Have fun.

ok as soon i have my computer. il try that out..


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