First of all ive read the assignment message from admin. Understood.

So ive got this flight booking assignment and i need some help with it. Im from a design background so im still getting to grips with programming. i completed a java principles unit so ive got my foot in the door. and i like VB especially how you can see what your designing.

Anyway ive designned myself a nice little form with a flight logo got all my buttons cranking ect but now im struggling. ive got to make a booking system. ive got my passengers in a txt file and im trying to make them go into the system and stay booked, and the others go to a waiting list.

Ive attached the document to make it clearer if im not making sense.

Id realy appreciate some help on this

Hey Aston_Villan,

I really don't think anyone is really interested in doing your homework for you. I mean, you enrolled in the course - right?

If I mistook your request for help then please excuse me and post something more concrete than just "Here is the assignment. Can you do the programming for me?" More like "I am stuck on this particular point in the development and I need help with this specific part. Can someone please point me in the right direction?" I think that would go over a lot easier.