Hi All

I have a load of information on my label in a groupbox on the form
there is too much information to be seen in one go so i want to use a vertical scrollbar
to move the label up and down inside the groupbox so it can be read.

The issue i'm having is:

1: The label covers the bottom edge of the groupbox (looks a little naff) i need it to fall inside the groupbox if possible.

2: Any movement on the vertical scrollbar seems to send the label in one direction only - so how do i work it so that up moves it up and down moves it down?

Should i use a multiline textbox rather than a label and move the carat? to solve issue 1??

Any help would be great thanks all you gurus out there that help so swiftly.

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yep that pretty much covers it fixes both problems in one go and
allows me to delete about 50 lines of useless code that claims to do what you just suggested (but doesn't)

thank you once again - you are a legend.


>>... - you are legend.
I might be "you are legend", though I'll never be "I Am Legend".
>>thank you once again...
(:.glad I could help.:)

.apologies for this reply, got an alert in email(11/15/11) from DaniWeb.com, stating that:

Dear codeorder,

adsa2004 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to.

Thread: Please Help! - Moving labels inside a groupbox using vertical scrollbar

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... and got a bit confused over my morning cup of water, before realizing that the recent.poster never posted.

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