I'm using C++ without MFC nor ATL, to create a popup, opening from a DLL loaded in Internet Explorer as Browser Helper Object (all versions from IE7, from XP to Windows 7).

Until now, everything went find and my popup is working as I wish. But now I'd like to give it a better appearance.

Here is how it looks now (Taken from my Windows 7)

I'd like to get fancier buttons and the transparency aspect on the border, that we can get on most Windows 7 / Vista windows (like this one for example)

Would that be possible?

Thank you


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The first image you've submitted is not from Windows 7, it's Windows XP. It's not possible to apply Windows 7's Aero theme to applications running on XP. Try to run your application on a Windows 7 machine and make sure any skinning options are disabled.

You're right, here is how my popup looks on Windows7

The border is alright, but I'd like to get a better-looking button than the one I have currently... How happens the window looks so nice and the button is so ugly?
Do you know a way to apply a style to the button to get it rounded and with the volume effect?

Thank you! Your help is much appreciated!

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