Hello Everyone,

I have kind of a problem in a database well its suppose to save a date but like a string, well more like a char type, and i need it that way to do reports

So there to tables Ventas and VentasDD so they have the same information what ever is introduced in the form both those tables have the information, the information is introduced simultaneously

So this is how its supposed to be save like VENTAS image

the VENTAS date is saved correctly

But the when its saved on VENTASDD table the format for some reason changes even if its the same type and text and everything, like the image shows, the first record i modified it manually but it is displayed like the other 3 records

Can anyone guide me to the solution of this problem,

Thanks in advance!

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found the error, it was a dataset update error

i needed to delete the dataset from the project and added again with the same name

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