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Hi all,

I have code which allows a client console to connect to a server console using .NET Remoting with a shared dll, and then perform some operations. The only problem I'm aving, is that I want the main bulk of the programming logic to be performed on the server itself (within the server class, not the library) - to access the database etc. Eventually the (multiple) Clients and Server application will be on seperate physical machines (for now they are on one). Below is the code I have so far. The server console says "press any key", and the client will say "Name: Test". I want this information to be available on the Server application!!!

The general idea of this set up is to pass the MyObj class between client and server (the client can request a MyObj with data, or it can send it as part of a method param). I then need this class to be available on the Server app where it will retrieve/store the classes' data into a database, and perform additional logic on the data, and then pass it back to the client.

//Server code
 public class Server
  public static void Main(String[] args)
   TcpServerChannel channel = new TcpServerChannel(9932);
     "ObjLoader", WellKnownObjectMode.SingleCall);
   System.Console.WriteLine("press Any Key");
//class Library Code
 public class ObjLoader : System.MarshalByRefObject

  public ObjLoader ()

  public MyObj GetObj(int id)
   MyObj myObj = new MyObj(10);
   // = 10; = "Test";
   return myObj;

public class MyObj
  private int id;
  private String name;

 public MyObj(int _id)
  { = _id; = "default name";
  public String name
  { get { return; } }
//Client code
public class Client

  public static void Main(string[] args)

    ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(new TcpClientChannel());
    ObjLoader loader = (ObjLoader)Activator.GetObject(
     typeof(ObjLoader), "tcp://localhost:9932/ObjLoader");

    if (loader == null)
    { Console.WriteLine("Unable to connect"); }
     MyObj myObj = loader.GetObj(10);
     Console.WriteLine("Name:" +;

  catch (Exception e)
    Console.WriteLine("ERROR: {0}", e.Message);
   Console.ReadLine();//Keep the window from closing before we can read the result.

So, really what I want is for the GetObj(int id) to call a method on the server to get data from a SQL database hosted on the same server. From my limited knowledge of .Net Remoting, the shared dll needs to be on both client and server ... so how is this to be done? Any suggestions?

If I need to make anything clearer, please let me know.

Many Thanks in advance!


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Not sure how to answer your question, but as a bit of info (only in case you didn't know) MSDN states that applications shouldn't be developed using this technology anymore and instead should be using WCF. MSDN Website.

This topic is specific to a legacy technology that is retained for backward compatibility with existing applications and is not recommended for new development. Distributed applications should now be developed using the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Just a FYI. :)

Glad it was helpful :)

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