I've been battling with this for the pass few days. I have an access03 database that is used to track training that we give to employees.
i had a form that has, the training info and then a subform that lists all the attendees and their scores. Now I was asked to update the database to include associated costs. I have included 4 tables for accommodations, meals, materials and travel cost (all now added as sub forms on the training info form.

Now i have a report that allows you to see all the details of the current training that you are viewing. It has the main report displaying the info for this training, a subreport containing all the employees who attended, and a 4 subreports in that subreport that list all the cost associated with the employee (supposedly for this particular training), everything works fine, except, the subreports within the main sub report show all records under the employee including those that are not related to the main training report.

I have the child fields as the employee name and the training ID but still it gives me all of them. So now i'm stumped. I don't know how else to ensure that the 2nd set of sub reports are filtered by the main report and the sub report.

Any thoughts??

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Are you using macros inside Access, Access itself as the report generator or are you using vb6 to do the reporting etc?

probably using access vba, i have problem same like this.. any idea?

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