Ok, I'm just starting to learn C#. It will be my first language I am learning. I start my degree in Software Engineering on the 22nd. I'm required to take two Java courses and two VB courses. I don't really want to develop in either of them. I've played with both, and also C#, to kind of get a feel for things, read through a few things online, and then decided I would like to develop in C# professionally (based on market trends as well). I already have Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, but I'm looking for resources online that you could recommend to help me learn as well. I like to use a few sources when I learn something so I can try to get as much info as possible. I also have an idea for my first large scale project I'm going to do after I get going with this.

Any help and direction is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Always found this site good as a starter. Do some googling, you will find others.

Thanks. I know I could have googled but I'd rather use something that others have used before that helps them than just randomly start with a site. Thanks for the link.