Hi all,
I am trying to set up a system like Scatt or Notpel(alot simpler, but using basic principle), and i need to get the laser in an optical mouse to be able to track a laser or IR LED. so far I have managed to get the mouse to move the cursor with the Ir LED, but now i need a program that I can use to trace the movements of the LED, then print a copy of the trace to the screen.
I know this might be a bit ambitious but any help is greatly apreciated.
Htanks to all replies,
heres the code of the program i am using so far to get the coordinates.

from Tkinter import *

def printMotionEvents(event):
    print "mouse coords: %i x %i" % (event.x, event.y)

t = Tk()
t.bind('<Motion>', printMotionEvents)

I've simplified the design, now all I need is a program to track the optical mouse coordinates, and to "print" a copy of the path to the screen. I am also trying to find a way to stop the track and to save is when the left mouse button is pressed.
Thanks all,