Can anyone suggest me some nice string tutorials because I found few of them but they seem pretty hard to learn (like one on )
It should be native C++ string library because that is the one I started learning,

So I would appreciate any suggestions... thanks

That's not a tutorial, it's a reference. References only tell you what's available, not how to use it (except perhaps with a small example). I'm not aware of any good full tutorials on string handling in C++, but I don't doubt that there are many to be found from a google search.

That same site has a tutorial: Clicky Here!

It is the main source of my knowledge and it's very informative. (to get started, look up "introduction to strings" to begin.)
However though, some of the really new people may find the terminology difficult to understand at first, but once you really study each section, your understanding of the structure of the pieces of code will really grow.

EDIT: I have heard of some issues of the .pdf being pink for some people. It was fine for me, so if you have an issue just google it and I'm sure you'll et an answer.

Too bad that tutorial doesn't have an index to make it easier to find something. It's huge and very tedious to search all of it just to find something.

Well.... If you use the "find" function like so: "while loop" "introduction to pointers" "vector" "array" You'll find what you need easily. Even if you type "arrays" and start at the top of the page, within 2 hits(though if I remember, it's only really one) you'll find what you need. It's only super tedious if you're tying to find something super specific and you've never read the thing before. BTW I just typed 'arrays' into the top of the page and found the section within 2 clicks. I found all about 'while loops' and 'for loops' in 1 click. There's an index, and you can type the page in that it says (it says pointers are on page 60, at the top you can type in page 60 and it will take you right there). Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I've never had any trouble navigating through it.

I printed that PDF two months ago, it really is great and it's always next to my computer. And still there is no some STRING tutorial on line that is easy to understand. This one on cplusplus is too much SOMETHING, I have to decrypt the code in order to learn something from there :twisted:

Thanks guys, I think this will help