I'm not new to C++ but I usually program in Linux. I'm currently programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

I just installed the Magick++ x64 binary library. I've read the "detailed" installation instructions on what to do next but honestly I am completely lost. In the .pdf it says:

In order to use the Magick++ library in a C++ application one should first install the ImageMagick package (the automated installers may be used). One needs to include the relevant header files in the application's source(s), and link the application binary against the ImageMagick runtime libs.

Okay so I've installed the ImageMagick package. And of course I #include <Magick++.h>. But after that I haven't done anything. I don't know what it means to link the application binary against ImageMagick runtime libs, or how to do it in MVS2010.

Running my program with just #include <Magick++.h> gives me the error that it can't open the source file, I think I have to do something with .lib's? Or build something? I just don't have any idea. Please help thanks!

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With your project open, go to the Project menu, <ProjectName> Properties, Configuration Properties, C/C++, Additional Include Directories, and add in where your header files reside.

Then also under Configuration Properties, Linker, General, Additional Library Directories, add the directory where the libraries reside.

Then Configuration Properties, Linker, Input, Additional Dependencies, add the names of the individual libraries.


@Drumboy, I am having a similar problem. From where did you download the binary x64 library?

I have downloaded one and installed it. But I cannot see any header files. Can you locate the header files?

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