I am final year collage student. I want to do one final project in this semester. I know VB, VB.NET. I already done a student management system for a collage. Now i need a good project title to do in this semester. can anyone give me a good project title in VB.NET.
please help me

its always better to upgrade your previous projects so that your
works wont be wasted
try to implement the same with more facilities like
school automation with features like
sending msg to parents if kid gets absented
automatic question paper generation accepting user choice of questions too . . .

I agree with not wasting your previous work. Maybe you can adjust it to be for High School, instead of College. Maybe a High School education program that is web based? You can use all the tracking capabilities of the previous program, and and in a web interface. That should be plenty of work to make it feel like something new! :)

Good luck!