Hello, I am a software engineering student going into my final year in September and would like suggestions on topics for my final year project. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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Hi there Gal,

are you interested in a Windows Mobile Project?

if yes (you can use VB.NET for it) what do you think about a nice app. that enables the user to trade stock over the net...

it could be useful for all those who are on there way from here to there and want to see what about there stock...

Good Luck

Hello YoavGold,

I am not familiar with windows mobile project. PLease expalin it abit more to me. Thank you for your help


by the way VB.NET does NOT mean express edition
No mobile device development on that version whatsoever, you need the professional 2005 (dont say you dont as i have VB2003 standalone and it explicitly says that it cant)

No mobile device development on that version whatsoever, you need the professional 2005 (

True, but you can download the PRO version from microsoft.com, it's a 90-day trial and works great. I use it to with C/C++/VB.net mobile projects.

yes, i belive if you order the CD (costs less than a fiver) than the trial period it is more than if you download it (i once got a 6 month copy of 2005 enterprise back when it was beta)

hi its Aamir here.........
i am a student of Bsc.........
can u please help me in selecting a good topic for project on Visual Basic...........

project topic in economics

i wont give you a particular topic, instead i would give an advice as you suggested. i feel you search within yourself, if you are good in more than one language then know the one you perform best in...thats one step
step 2: get a topic you know would be easy for you to complete and would make you learn something new, but bear in mind that the topic you choose should be worth being called a project.

Hi this is divya hear...i m a BE final year information science student can u suggest me any topics for the project...

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